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We make a large range of Logo Cases, Logo Covers and Logo Skins for every popular device, we know what works

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We make a large range of Logo Cases and Covers. If you're looking for cases or covers with your logo, then you've come to the right place. Check out our range of cases and covers, we can put a logo on anything!


Logo cases and covers are popular with companies, groups and organizations of all types and can be used in a number of ways. Often, custom logo covers and cases are purchased to protect tablets and smartphones that companies have purchased and distributed to employees to use for work purposes. The logo cases and covers help to guard against theft and advertise the company when the mobile devices are used on the go. Custom logo covers and cases are also popular for promotional giveaways and can appeal to a broad range of prospective customers and clients.

What Are Logo Cases and Covers?

Logo cases and covers are smartphone and tablet cases and covers that are emblazoned with a company logo. Depending on the type of case that is purchased, the logo may be:

- Printed. Printed logo covers and cases show off a company logo in full color. Leather, vegan leather, hard plastic and gel plastic can all be customized with full color logos.

- Embossed. Embossed logo cases and covers have a logo stamped onto them. The logo is able to be easily spotted, yet it blends in with the case for an elegant look. Leather and vegan leather logo smartphone and tablet cases can be customized with embossing.

- Engraved. Engraved logo covers and cases are made out of a hard material like wood or bamboo. With these cases, the logo is added using a laser, resulting in highly visible, dark graphics.

Types of Logo Covers and Cases

Our collection of custom logo cases and covers is divided into four different types of designs to allow you to find the perfect solution for your needs quickly. The four categories are:

- Logo iPhone Cases, which includes options for every model of the iPhone smartphone, including late models like the original iPhone and the latest iPhone models to be released.

- Logo iPad Cases, which includes options for every model of the iPad, including the iPad, the iPad Mini and the iPad Air.

- Logo Phone Cases, which includes custom logo covers and cases that can be designed to fit any smartphone. This assortment includes iPhone cases as well as cases for Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Android and Windows phones.

- Logo Tablet Cases, which includes custom logo cases and covers for all models of tablets. iPad cases are mixed with Google Nexus, Android and Windows tablet covers.

Cost of Logo Cases and Covers

At Custom Logo Cases, we have a low price beat guarantee on all of our custom logo covers and cases, so you'll never be overcharged for your promotional or corporate cases. Whether you choose a printed, embossed or engraved logo design, we will perform the customization completely free of charge, and we'll even optimize or design your logo at no cost. Shipping is also free regardless of your location anywhere in the world. Our flexible bulk pricing allows you to purchase custom logo cases and covers for more than one type of smartphone or tablet while getting the biggest possible discount.



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