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We Manufacture a large range of Custom Sleeves for every popular phone, tablet and portable device, and we know what works. We are a manufacturer of custom sleeves made from neoprene, leather, faux leather and more. If you're looking for your own custom sleeves then we can manufacture them for any device

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Custom sleeves are popular choices for promotional giveaways, as they greatly simplify shopping for promotional merchandise and effectively build brand recognition by prominently displaying a company's logo or custom artwork. Here at Custom Logo Cases, we carry a wide variety of sleeves, providing options to suit every marketing budget.

What Are Sleeves?

Sleeves are protective cases that can be used to keep smartphones, tablets and computers safe from damage. Not a conventional case or a cover, custom sleeves are sheaths that have four sides, bottoms and openings at their tops. Devices are slid into the sleeves for protection and then removed when it comes time to use them.

What Types of Custom Sleeves Are Available?

Here at Custom Logo Cases, we produce custom sleeves out of two types of materials: neoprene and leather. Neoprene is the same material used to make wet suits. It's very thick and durable, and it stretches to fit snugly over devices to prevent them from slipping out. Leather sleeves may be made out of vegan polyurethane leather or genuine leather, depending on the type of sleeve selected and the quantity purchased. These sleeves are very luxurious and very popular among businesses that are marketing to executives and professionals. Both types of custom sleeves provide a barrier to scratching. Neoprene sleeves provide the added benefit of cushioning that can lessen the risk of damage if devices ever suffer falls.

Benefits of Custom Sleeves

People who receive custom sleeves as promotional giveaway items receive many benefits from their designs. Sleeves:

- Provide Full Access to Devices. With custom sleeves, people can use every part of their phones, tablets or laptops. This allows people to fully show off their devices when they're in use as well.

- Can Cover All Parts of a Device. Many of our neoprene sleeves close at the top, so devices cannot fall out of them. The standard closure is a fold-over flap, but some of the sleeves can be upgraded to a zippered top.

For companies looking for promotional giveaway items, custom sleeves are beneficial as well. The sleeves are:

- Simple to Order. With sleeves, there is no need to worry about the placement of cutouts. As a result, the same custom sleeves can fit many different models of smartphones, tablets or laptops. This ensures that you'll have something to distribute to everyone at a large event.

- Broadly appealing. Sleeves are used by people of all ages across all industries. You can choose from a range of colors, and we can create a custom design for your cases free of charge to make your sleeves appealing to your specific target market or to a community at large. Printing is free of charge on all of our sleeves.

You can see all of the styles of custom sleeves currently available for purchase at Custom Logo Cases here on this page. Click on a product to learn more about its specific features, and click one of the green buttons at any time to request a free quote on any of our sleeves.



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