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Screen Cleaners

We make a large range custom screen cleaners for all smartphones, tablets and laptops. Every type of screen cleaner you could want, we make. All custom made screen cleaners with your logo or custom design. 
We make custom accessories for thousands of businesses and schools all over the world.
If you don't see a screen cleaner that you are looking for, just ask, we will give you the best price and a money back guarantee

From Smartphones to tablets to laptops to e-readers to GPS devices, today's mobile devices make it so much easier to do things while on the go. While the ways that you use these types of mobile devices varies, they all have one thing in common: if you want to be able to use them to their fullest, you need to be able to clearly see the screen! Custom screen cleaners help to keep screens clear, making it easier to use all types of devices.

Why Distribute Custom Screen Cleaners?

Logo screen cleaners are an incredibly powerful marketing tool when given away at promotional events. Nearly everyone today owns some type of device that can be cleaned with printed screen cleaners, so you can be certain that when you give out custom screen cleaners at an event, you're providing items that are truly useful. The utility of your promotional giveaway items matters; the more useful the item is, the more likely recipients are to keep it and to actually use it daily. The more they use your promotional items, the more they will see your brand and the more they will remember your company. Logo screen cleaners are sure to be used regularly due to their ability to remove dust, dirt and fingerprints from screens.

Types of Logo Screen Cleaners

Printed screen cleaners come in two main varieties: traditional and sticky. Both types of custom screen cleaners have a soft cloth side that traps debris and lifts it away from screens, and some traditional products have cleaning surfaces on their reverse sides as well. Sticky logo screen cleaners have an adhesive on their reverse sides that allows them to be stuck to a surface like the inside of a tablet cover or on the wall. This makes it possible to keep the screen cleaners within easy reach at home, at the office or on the go.

Customizing Printed Screen Cleaners

When you're choosing custom screen cleaners for promotional giveaway items, you can customize them in a number of ways. You can choose from traditional square or rectangular logo screen cleaners or have your printed screen cleaners made into a unique shape. Some companies simply choose a shape that is unique and memorable, while others choose to have their screen cleaners cut to resemble their product or logo. You'll also have the option to choose whether to simply have your logo added to the cleaners or a complete artwork design. We can create either type of graphic for you free of charge, and printing is always free.

The Lowest Prices Around

Our custom screen cleaners are incredibly cost effective options for promotional giveaways and provide a lucrative return on investment due to their low cost. We offer bulk pricing discounts, so the more of our logo screen cleaners that you purchase at one time, the more you can save. We offer a price match guarantee on our printed screen cleaners, ensuring that you'll always pay the lowest possible price when you purchase from us.


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