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School iPad Cases

We have a large range of iPad Cases, Covers and Accessories to suit every School environment and level, for every iPad Version. We know what works in a school environment.

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We work with schools all over the world to provide some of the best looking iPad cases and covers you'll see in a school!

We know that your School iPad Cases and Covers must be versatile, functional, protective and also look great. Our Custom School iPad Cases and Custom School iPad Covers are tailored to your requirements based on your usage, who is using them and how they are being used. We custom make school iPad cases and covers with your school emblem or logo printed or manufactured on your cases, so your iPads will be protected and also look great. Get in touch with us today for more information on how we can make you stand out with amazing custom school iPad covers


Our custom school iPad cases and custom school iPad covers can be utilized by your school in so many ways. Whether you use them in-house or make them available to students or the public, you're sure to be pleased with the quality of our custom education iPad cases as will your students and faculty or members of your community.

Fully Customized Designs

All of our custom education iPad cases are completely customizable with your school logo. Once you have chosen the perfect iPad case for your needs, our art department will go to work developing a unique design that incorporates your logo. The result will be a stylish design of which your school can be proud and that will be appealing to anyone who has the opportunity to use or receive one of your custom school iPad cases.

Ample Protection for School iPads

If your school is like many that use iPads as a part of daily instruction in the classroom, you may have concerns over how to keep your school's property safe from damage. Accidents can happen in any classroom, and you want to ensure that if the worst happens, the tablet computers have the best chance of not becoming damaged. By using our custom school iPad cases to cover your tablets,  you can decrease the likelihood of scratches and damage to the impact. The cases also provide protection against dust, which can interfere with the functioning of tablet computers.

Limit Theft of Technology

Along with the threat of damage, theft of school property is another major problem that schools must take steps to address when using iPads in the classroom. When your tablet computers are kept in our custom education iPad cases, it is completely clear to whom they belong, and when monitored, students will have a difficult time removing the case discreetly if they intend to try and take the device.

Raise Needed Funds

With so many people now using iPads on a daily basis for work, school and fun, the demand for quality covers to protect the tablets is high. Your school can benefit from this demand by selling iPad covers with your logo as a part of a fundraiser. Whether you make them available for purchase at special events or have people order ahead to reserve their cover, a fundraiser that includes our tablet covers is sure to be a success.

Increase Visibility in the Community

Like any organization, your school needs to remain visible in the community, particularly if you run a private institution or a post-secondary school. Distributing iPad covers with your school logo can help to build your brand image, showing that your institution embraces the latest in technology. Because people use their iPads so regularly, your logo will be seen frequently by those who receive the covers and the people around them.

An Array of Options

We have many different custom school iPad cases and school iPad covers that can meet your needs for use within your school, as a part of a fundraiser or for distributing at community events. Check out our selection now to find the right style for your school.


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