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We provide custom logo cases for all brands of smartphone, cellphone, tablet and laptop.

We provide solutions for thousands of businesses and schools around the world, from promotional merchandise to school tablet cases through to staff smartphone cases.

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LG is one of the leading producers of laptops, tablets and smart phones in the world. The manufacturer's products are used by everyone from students to executives at Fortune 500 companies, and while users may utilize their LG devices in different ways, everyone who owns an LG tablet, smart phone or laptop wants to keep their investment in the best possible condition. Custom Logo Cases makes it possible to do just that with our custom LG cases.

Custom LG cases are protective full cases and covers for LG laptops, tablets and smart phones that are truly made to order. When you purchase custom LG covers, you can choose a style that you like and a color that you prefer. Then, we'll put a logo, graphic or design on the printed logo LG cases at no extra charge. The logo or artwork can be something you already have on hand, or you can let us design the graphics for your custom LG cases with our free artwork services.

At Custom Logo Cases, we can create custom LG covers for any and all LG products. Our printed logo LG cases for laptops include options for the V, Z, P, R, T and X series models, and we can produce custom LG cases for any version of the LG G Pad that you wish. Custom LG covers are offered for the G Flex 2, the Transpyre, the G3, the Access, the Ultimate, the Realm, the Optimus and more. Your order can consist of printed logo LG cases for a single device or multiple devices. Whatever you require, we can provide it at a great price.


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