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We have Custom Folio Cases (real and faux leather) for every popular tablet and portable device, and we know what works

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Custom folio cases and covers are one of our best sellers for school tablet computers and are also popular choices for corporate tablet cases and distributing at promotional events. There are a wide variety of custom folio covers and cases options featured here at Custom Logo Cases, ensuring there is an option that will perfectly suit your company, school or groups' needs.

What Are Custom Folio Cases and Covers?

Custom folio cases and covers are used to protect tablet computers from damage. They consist of a back cover placed over top of a polycarbonate shell that snaps onto the back of a tablet and a front cover that shields the screen. With our custom folio covers and cases, the front covers can be customized with a graphic or logo, and some designs can also be customized on the back as well. There are cutouts placed in the back, allowing the cameras on tablets to be used without removing the custom folio cases and covers.

What Types of Custom Folio Cases and Covers Are Available?

Here at Custom Logo Cases, all of our custom folio covers and cases are offered with polyurethane vegan leather covers. Many of the custom cases and covers can be upgraded to genuine leather if you choose to purchase a certain minimum number of cases and covers. In addition to our standard smooth covers, we have folding custom folio covers available. These covers can be used as viewing stands for keeping a tablet upright while you're typing, watching a video, playing a game or surfing the web.

Benefits of Custom Folio Cases

For those using tablet computers, custom folio covers and cases have a number of benefits. The custom folio cases and covers:

- Provide Scratch Protection. The polycarbonate shell and the vegan or genuine leather keep tablet computers covered to keep them free out scratches. This is especially beneficial for school tablets that can easily become damaged in classroom settings.

- Offer Screen Protection. Unlike hard shell tablet cases, custom folio covers and cases provide protection for screens as well as the backs of tablets.

- Conserve Battery Power. The majority of our custom folio cases and covers have magnetized front flaps. When you close the flap, the magnet automatically places the tablet into sleep mode to conserve battery power. Open the flap, and the tablet wakes back up, so it's ready for immediate use.

For your school, company or group, custom folio covers and cases are beneficial as well because they are:

- Cost Effective. You can purchase custom folio cases and covers for a very low price from Custom Logo Cases, making them an affordable way to protect mobile devices or offer useful giveaway items to customers and prospects. With our bulk pricing, the more of the folio cases that you buy, the more that you save. Design services, printing and shipping are all free of charge as well.

- Versatile. We can make custom folio covers and cases to fit any type of tablet that you desire.

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