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Custom flip cases and covers are practical, fashionable custom cases for smartphones that can provide an excellent return on investment when used as promotional giveaway items, corporate gifts or employee rewards. Also ideal for protecting cell phones owned by a company or organization, flip covers and cases are available for affordable bulk prices in an array of styles here at Custom Logo Cases.

What Are Custom Flip Cases and Covers?

Flip covers and cases are smartphone cases that have an added flap that covers their screens. There are two different types available: horizontal and vertical. A horizontal case either opens downwards from the top and upwards from the bottom, while a vertical case opens on the right hand side with the cover flipping to the left.

Custom flip covers and cases have a plastic polycarbonate case that fits onto the back of the smartphone to keep the cover on securely. Some flip covers and cases have hard plastic covers that snap close. Others features leather or leatherette covers that are fastened by a magnetic clasp. When you purchase custom flip covers and cases from Custom Logo Cases, the cases and covers are customized for a specific phone, so that the ports, cameras and buttons can all be accessed without taking off the case.

Benefits of Flip Covers and Cases

People love to use flip covers and cases for a number of reasons. The cases and covers:

- Are effectively protective. The polycarbonate shells of custom flip covers and cases allow them to shield the backs of phones from scrapes, scratches and abrasions. The flip covers provide additional protection for the screen, making them more protective than conventional hard plastic cases and covers that leave screens open.

- Are convenient. The flip action of these cases and covers allows for quick access to the phone when it's time to answer a call, check the time, send a text and more.

- Are simple to carry. Flip covers and cases don't make phones bulky. They also have a stylish look that many people like.

Companies and organizations that choose custom flip cases and covers for promotional marketing receive additional benefits from the covers. The cases are:

- Highly customizable. With flip covers and cases, you can purchase cases for any type of smartphone and customize the case of your choosing with embossed or printed logos, depending on the style that you choose.

- Cost Effective. Although they have a high perceived value, flip cases are low in price, particularly when you buy in large quantities. At Custom Logo Cases, we provide printing services and graphic design assistance free of charge and do not charge for shipping to make our flip covers and cases as affordable as possible. We even have a price beat guarantee on all of the custom flip covers and cases that we sell.

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