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Are you looking to get some branded cases and covers? We have a large range of cases and covers that we can brand with your company logo, emblem, insignia etc. If you're looking for high quality branded cases or branded covers, then get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help with branding some cases for you

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Your brand is one of your company's most important assets, and increasing its visibility in a way that appeals to your target market and reflects your company's core values is important to growing your company. Because your brand is so important, you need to be choosy about the types of products that you use to promote it. Fortunately, Custom Logo Cases makes it easy to shop for high quality products that will reflect positively on your brand and on your company at large. We've brought all of our best branded cases and covers together in this collection to simplify shopping.

What Are Branded Cases and Covers?

Branded covers and cases are smartphone and tablet cases that are emblazoned with artwork or graphics that represent a company's brand. Some branded cases and covers show off a company logo, while others bear the name of a particular product or service that a company provides. You can also design branded covers and cases with custom designs that represent your company or coordinate with your logo. The possibilities for customization are truly endless, and we can even design your logo or graphic free of charge.

Ways to Decorate Branded Covers and Cases

There are three main types of decorations that can be added to branded cases and covers to promote a company, a line of business, a product or a service:

- Printing. Printing involves applying an image to branded covers and cases using digital printers and ink. If you want a full color graphic or logo, printed branded cases and covers are the right choice for you. Many types of materials can be printed, including hard and gel plastics, genuine leather, vegan leather and neoprene.

- Embossing. Embossing involves stamping an image onto branded covers and cases. The effect is subtler but provides a very professional finished product that promotes a company in a subtle way. If you're interested in embossed branded cases and covers, you'll want to choose options that are made out of vegan polyurethane leather or genuine leather.

- Engraving. Engraving involves carving an image onto branded covers and cases using a high prevision laser. The graphic appears in a dark color and is slightly indented. This type of customization can be done to branded cases and covers that are constructed out of wood or bamboo, and the results are very striking.

Shopping for Branded Cases and Covers

At Custom Logo Cases, we have divided our selection of branded covers and cases into four departments: iPhone cases, iPad cases, general phone cases and general tablet cases. You can see all of the available options for each type of branded cases and covers by clicking on the "Shop Now" button.

Cost of Branded Covers and Cases

With branded covers and cases from Custom Logo Cases, you never pay for printing, engraving or embossing. We have affordable bulk prices and ship orders of all sizes free of charge worldwide. To get a custom quote with no obligation, click on any of the green buttons.



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